Five Days Exhibition of Mine

Last week, I was challenged by Sarawut Taeosot, who introduced me to street photography, to post a B&W image each day for 5 days and nominate a fellow photographer to do the same each day….and so on and so on.

Below are the images I have posted to my Facebook Timeline for the challenge and I think it is better to have them here along with the name of photographers I have challenged.


Day 1: Looking outside, 2014
Day 1: Looking outside, 2014. I challenged Teerachot, a fellow photographer who passionates in manual lens.
Day 2: Men in Black, Tokyo 2014
Day 2: Men in Black, Tokyo 2014. I challenged my childhood friend Ichy this day. Now he is travelling the world and takes a lot of photos from numerous places. You can check out his work at his Facebook Page or 500px
Day 3: Indoor Umbrella, Chiba, 2014
Day 3: Chiba, 2014. Although she was under the roof. She still got a firm grip of her umbrella. Today I challenged Artitya Krerkkraikul, Tokyo-based photographer. I always feel happiness and smiles from her photos.
Day 4: Rainy Cyclist, Tokyo, 2014
Day 4: Cyclist, Tokyo, 2014. I challenged Jirat O Srisabye, a Japan-based landscape photographer. He is well-known in Thai photographer community after he posted his Fuji-san maps.
Day 5: Chilling Sunday, Ibaraki, 2014
Day 5: Chilling Sunday, Ibaraki, 2014. I challenged Nichieme. A designer and enthusiast photographer.

Then, please share me what photos you are gonna posted if you are challenged in this game.